15 March 2017A great reading competition for our young bookworms

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If you have a son or daughter who is between eight and ten years of age then you might be interested in entering our Envoy reading competition. You could win an amazing trilogy set of books around children going back into the past to fly great RAF planes of history as well as the Typhoon!

Simply send in the tear-off slip from the Spring edition of Envoy (page 39) to be in with a chance of winning Tom Palmer's Wings series. Enjoy these books which include the great planes of history: The Sopwith Camel, Spitfire and the current Eurofigher Typhoon. The article itself in the magazine also shares the interesting background of how Tom came about building his stories, inspired by you as Serving RAF families.

Tom said:

"I'll never forget that afternoon sitting in a school staff room listening to RAF parents telling me about their lives. Then their children coming in and hearing about it from them too. How did they feel when a parent was deployed? What was it like when they had to move on to another school? What didn't I know about their lives that I needed to know? It was deeply moving. I felt a massive responsibility to tell their story. And properly."


Series writer, Tom Palmer is also now the RAF Museum's Writer in Residence and has written over 40 books for children.


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